About Us

Welcome to the Orenda Wildlife Land Trust!

We promote the peaceful co-existence of people and wildlife.

Our mission is to preserve and protect open space for wildlife habitat, fresh air, and water quality in sanctuaries on Cape Cod and throughout Massachusetts. We own or manage twenty-seven sanctuaries covering over 475 acres. Orenda also partners with other land trusts in the protection of nearly 800 acres of land.

Raccoon on Orenda property

Orenda translates into “protected place” in the language of the Seneca indigenous people, and was inspired by the Orenda Song of Praise. Orenda was founded in 1986 by Barbara Birdsey, a nationally-acclaimed philanthropist and advocate for wildlife.

We share our mission through innovative public education, special events, and policy forums on issues related to wildlife.

We are gratefully supported by private foundations, innovative private-public partnerships, gifts, special events and our endowment.