Donors & Contributors

Orenda is grateful for all donations of time, energy, land and money. A gift made during your lifetime allows you enjoy the fruits of your generosity while bequests leave an indelible legacy. For guidance on planning a donation or bequest, contact

Thank you to the following 2020-21 donors:

  • Christopher Andrews
  • Jaci Barton
  • Terri Bilodeau in memory of Valerie Lee
  • Barbara Birdsey in Memory of Walter Ungermann
  • Richard F. Boyden, Board Member
  • Bruce Brockway, Board Member
  • Kenneth Burnes, Board Member
  • Connie & Gustav Burton
  • Katelyn Cadoret
  • Eleanor Catalano
  • Joan and Leo Collins
  • Sally Collinson
  • Dr. Peter Crosson
  • Maureen Conte and Robert Busby
  • Jacquelyn & Lindsey Counsell
  • Amy Daubert
  • Richard and Karin Delaney
  • Judith and Lisa Desrochers
  • Rudolph A. Ferrari
  • Mary E. Fiske
  • F. Thomas Fudala
  • The Golding Family
  • Andrew Gottlieb
  • John Grandy
  • Megan Newman & Matthew Greenberg
  • John Griener
  • Connie & Stan Grayson
  • Melinda Hall
  • Susan Harvey
  • William & Lorraine Hendrickson
  • Joan Hensler
  • Ralph Herbst
  • Meghan & Chad Hill
  • Jane Howe
  • Leonard & Patricia Johnson
  • Richard & Barbara Kiusalas in honor of Claudia Morner
  • Richard and Barbara Kiusalas in memory of Phil Brennan
  • Irene & Walter Lesniaski
  • Jane Howe & Robert Lingeman
  • Eugene Luschei
  • Mary Littleford
  • Joel Maguire
  • Edward A. Makuta
  • Vida Margaitis
  • Richard Mark and Maura Harway
  • Daniel Morast, Board Member
  • Chris Miller, Board Member
  • Jeffrey Mullin and Joan Hall
  • Sharon L. Myerson
  • Megan Newman
  • Sarunas and Asta Norvaisa
  • Dennis O’Connell
  • Joan Quilty
  • Edward S. Rizzotto
  • Mark H. Robinson
  • Alison C. & Dana F. Rodin
  • Diane Salomone, Former Board Member
  • Marylou Sanker
  • Deborah and Daniel Shearer
  • Seth Stewart in memory of Cynthia “Cecy” Maxim
  • Richard Terry & Deirdre Frey-Terry
  • Jeff & Isabella Thibodeau
  • Donna Walcovy
  • Norma and J.M. Weinberg Family Charitable Fund in honor of Erin Weinberg’s 50th Birthday
  • Grant Wiklund, Board Member
  • Ellie Winslow
  • Terrie & Mark S. Wirtanen
  • Frank H. & Mary E. Wojciechowski

Thank you to the following 2020-21 volunteers and contributors:

  • Theresa Mitchell Barbo, Former Executive Director
  • Richard Boyden, Board Member
  • Bruce Brockway, Board Member
  • Jennifer Brockway, Rise and Shine Consulting
  • Kenneth Burnes, Board Member
  • John Cote
  • Lindsey Counsell. Conservation Advisor
  • Robb D’Ambruoso, Esq.
  • Amy Daubert, Board Member
  • Patrick Daubert, Esq.
  • Russell DeConti, Environmental Consultant
  • Richard Delaney
  • Laurence Golding
  • Matt Golding
  • Libby Herland
  • Meghan Hill, Board Member
  • Chad Hill
  • Alan Ives
  • Ian Ives
  • Mike Lach
  • Farley Lewis
  • Liz Lewis
  • Doug Lyon
  • Danya Mahota
  • Zachary Mertz, Board Member
  • Chris Miller, Board Member
  • Jim Molyneaux
  • Daniel Morast, President/Board Member
  • Susie Ray Perry, Graphic Designer
  • Mark Robinson, The Compact of Cape Cod Conservation Trusts, Inc.
  • Karen Ryder, Webmaster
  • Diane Salomone, Board Member
  • Markelle Smith, The Nature Conservancy
  • Isabella Thibodeau
  • Norma Weinberg
  • Grant Wiklund, Board Member

Thank you to the following
Newsletter Contributors:

  • Stephanie Ellis, Executive Director, Wild Care of Cape Cod
  • Josh Delaney, Author/Historian
  • Robert Finch, Naturalist and Author
  • Doug Lyon, Photographer
  • Heather McElroy, Cape Cod Commission
  • Zachary Mertz, Executive Director, Birdsey Cape Wildlife Center
  • Greg O’Brien, Naturalist and Author
  • Daniel Morast, President/Board Member
  • Ramona Peters, Former Tribal
  • Historic Preservation Officer
  • Mark Robinson, Executive Director, The Compact of Cape Cod Conservation Trusts, Inc.
  • Isabella Thibodeau
  • Jeff Thibodeau, Executive Director

Doug LyonDoug Lyon: We are thankful to Doug Lyon for sharing his incredible photos with Orenda. Doug began photographing wildlife in 1974, while living in Alaska. He has been interested in wildlife and being in wild spaces since he was a boy on Cape Cod, where he currently does most of his nature photography

Kim RobbinsKim Robbins: Kimberly lives in Chatham, Massachusetts where she owns and operates a real estate business with her husband Rich. She grew up working for her family cottage rental business on Cockle Cove Road., which sat on 63 acres, spent most of her time exploring the beaches and woods that surrounded the family property with her five older siblings. Together, they spent countless days working the property, building forts, climbing trees, scaling the jetty’s and taking in any injured wildlife that landed on their doorstep. That is where she fell in love with nature. After graduating from Chatham HighSchool she studied marine biology at The University of Arizona. After college, she returned to the East Coast and has worked in the financial services and real estate industries while raising her two sons. An avid runner, athlete and photographer, Kimberly enjoys coaching fitness and track in the Monomoy Regional School District, and enjoys hiking and photographing the conservation areas on Cape Cod. Her love of her surroundings and family is evident in her photos.

Major Benefactors:

  • Barbara Birdsey, Former President and Founder
  • Linda Ann Bound, Former Administrator, Ashumet Pond Sanctuary
  • Jefferies Wyman, Former Board Member, Margaret Wyman Sanctuary
  • David Nelson, Nelson House Sanctuary
  • Mark Fowler, Fowler-Eames Sanctuary
  • David Quigg, Mary de la Vallette Sanctuary

Thank you to the following 2020 grantors:

  • Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank
  • Fields Pond Foundation
  • Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife
  • U.S.D.A. Natural Resources Conservation Service

Grantors Include:

The Boston Foundation’s Fund for the Environment

This award has enabled Orenda to continue our work in the Mashpee National Wildlife Refuge, specifically working against defragmentation of bird habitat.

The Kelly Foundation

With the help of the Kelly Foundation, Orenda was able to hire a stewardship coordinator which allowed us to better monitor all of our sanctuaries, to create an extensive management plan for our properties in the Mashpee National Wildlife Refuge and to become more involved with the long-term plans for management within the Refuge.

The Wharton Trust

This grant enabled Orenda to install gates within the boundaries of our Makepeace and Mercy Lowe sanctuaries to prevent dumping and restrict vehicle access.

The Sweetwater Trust

With this grant Orenda was able to have a comprehensive natural resource survey completed for our properties in the Mashpee National Wildlife Refuge. It also allows us to purchase signs and create trail maps for this property and to complete a much needed trash clean up.

The Norcross Wildlife Foundation

With funding from Norcross, we were able to update our computer equipment here in the Orenda office allowing us to more efficiently work towards land preservation and wildlife protection.

Bank of America

Through this grant Orenda will began a new program which focuses on outreach and wildlife education in our local schools. We reached out to members by encouraging them to declare their own homes “Private Wildlife Sanctuaries” and to begin habitat enhancement and preservation at home.

The Cape Cod 5 Foundation

With their generous support, Orenda was recently able to obtain 13.7 acres in the Mashpee National Wildlife Refuge.