Join us for our Turtle Protection Team Training on Saturday, July 2nd!

It’s Nesting Season and the Turtles Need You!

Orenda Wildlife Land Trust is seeking your help protecting Diamondback Terrapins at our “Turtle Garden” located on one of our sanctuaries in West Barnstable, where they have been nesting in large numbers for years. Terrapins are listed as “threatened” in Massachusetts due to various factors including over-harvesting in the 19th century, predation, traffic, and habitat loss. We are conducting habitat management, nest identification and protection, and hatching observation/assistance.

Terrapins spend most of their lives in the salt marsh. Each summer, females lay their eggs in sandy areas above the high tide line. Eggs hatch in the late summer and early fall and the hatchlings make their way to the upper rim of the marsh, where they mature for several years before entering the larger marsh area.

If you are interested in becoming part of our Terrapin Turtle Protection Team, join us for our final volunteer training of the season on Saturday, July 2nd, at 10 AM at the Margaret Wyman Sanctuary at 194 Meadow Lane in West Barnstable.

For more information, please view our Terrapin Turtle Protection Program Description

Questions? Please email Lisa Nagel, program coordinator, at