Orenda 2021 Fall Newsletter and Year End Appeal

Wild Imaginings:  Please and Thank You

By Jeff Thibodeau, Executive Director

This is a season of gratitude, reflection and new beginnings. After months of hard work, rapid change, and positive growth within our organization and around the world, we are thankful for your generosity, which made our accomplishments possible. As we approach the end of 2021, we are mindful of the year’s challenges and opportunities and envision a bright future, with a sharpened focus on how to grow and where to go.

In the last two years we added new staff, Board members, public events, educational initiatives, volunteers, and donors. We updated our newsletter and website, enhanced our communications, reinvigorated committees, stepped up fundraising efforts, held events, and built new partnerships.  And most importantly, we saved more land and wildlife by protecting two new sanctuaries, managing habitat to help vulnerable rabbits survive, and cultivating our turtle garden to help rare turtles thrive. Your contribution will enable us to do more.


PLEASE consider giving in one or more of these ways:
– gift of land, cash or stocks/bonds
– naming Orenda in your will
– regular annual donation(s)
– regular monthly donation Your contribution will help to
support the following initiatives:
Our “20 for 20” Year End Appeal invites you to commit $20 a month (or any amount you can afford) to help us pay for 20 acres of land that we recently saved. A small investment for a huge reward. You can give to our “20 for 20” Campaign at orendalandtrust.org or use this code with your smartphone camera to link to our donations page:



• Our young but thriving diamondback terrapin turtle protection program needs financial and volunteer support so that we can do more for this threatened population.
• Our growing education and outreach initiatives, including our Story Hour series and other event2021 End of Year Appeal letters, are new and exciting endeavors that need your support.

THANK YOU in advance for any gift you can give of any amount to help us continue to preserve our woods, wildlife, waters and winds. For everyone. Forever.

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