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Orenda-Certified Wildlife Sanctuary Program

As open space in Southeastern Massachusetts continues to disappear, we are drawn to the places of beauty that, through foresight and fortitude, remain in their natural state.

It’s in this spirit that Orenda Wildlife Land Trust works to obtain land and create sanctuaries that will always remain untouched.

Our Private Sanctuaries Program is an innovative approach to involving private property owners, area businesses, organizations and institutions in creating wildlife habitat. We’re encouraging environmentalists, nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts of all kinds to envision sanctuaries with whatever kind of outdoor space they have accessible – as a haven for birds, butterflies and small mammals, your home or schoolyard, balcony container garden, community green space, and business or work landscape can be invaluable as habitat for wildlife and a peaceful retreat for humans to unplug and connect with nature…

We hope you’ll join Orenda and provide critical habitat for Cape Cod wildlife! Register your outdoor space as a certified private sanctuary with Orenda today!

How to get started:

Begin by making sure your outdoor space meets the following criteria. If it doesn’t, please reach out to us at – we can help!

✔️Food: does your outdoor space provide a source of food, such as nuts, seeds, nectar and / or berries – for wildlife?

✔️ Water: does your outdoor space provide a source of water for wildlife?

✔️ Cover / shelter: does your outdoor space provide protection for wildlife from the weather and predators? (This criteria is not mandatory for balcony / container gardens)

✔️ Sustainable practices: does you outdoor space incorporate a sustainable, environmentally-conscientious approach to managing and planting that promotes biodiversity, such as regenerative gardening, permaculture, reducing water use, using using native plants, using organic materials, eliminating chemical pesticide use, etc?

✔️ Lastly, submit the form below to declare your outdoor space as an official Orenda-Certified Wildlife Sanctuary! 

Once we approve your submission, you will receive an introductory packet containing our most recent newsletter and your own personal private wildlife sanctuary sign – we hope you will proudly display your sign as a proclamation of your commitment to protect wildlife habitat!

We will also provide information and ideas through newsletters, our website and social media content to support Orenda Private Sanctuary Program members’ efforts to maintain and expand their sanctuaries over the years.

The fee to certify your outdoor space is $35. Your payment covers the cost of the certification sign and shipping, as well as the resources and expertise we will be sharing with you.

Orenda-Certified Wildlife Sanctuary

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Orenda-Certified Wildlife Sanctuary Application

All proceeds from this initiative directly support Orenda Wildlife Land Trust's mission to preserve land and protect wildlife.

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Please note: declaring your outdoor space an official Orenda-Certified Wildlife Sanctuary has no legal standing.

Orenda Wildlife Land Trust is a nonprofit organization located in West Barnstable on Cape Cod. Orenda’s mission is to protect wildlife and their habitat through land acquisition and management; all of Orenda’s sanctuaries are held in perpetuity as protected open space for wildlife. All contributions to Orenda Wildlife Land Trust are tax deductible under federal regulations.


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