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We hope you will join our Turtle Team.

During the summer of 2021, Orenda is protecting Diamondback Terrapin turtles at our “Turtle Garden” sanctuary in West Barnstable, where they have been nesting for years, but need our help to survive and thrive. We are conducting habitat management, nest identification and protection, and hatching observation/assistance for our resilient, reptilian residents, who are listed as “Threatened” in Massachusetts. Terrapins spend most of their lives in the salt marsh. Each summer, females lay their eggs in sandy areas above the high tide line. Eggs hatch a couple months later and hatchlings make their way to the upper rim of the marsh, where they mature for several years before entering the larger marsh area.

Check out this short video….. Join Our Turtle Team!

For more information you can read this Project Description and Call for Volunteers. Use our Turtle Team Volunteer Signup Form to join the fun and to register for our family friendly field training session Monday June 28th at 4:30 PM. Hope to see you there!

Contact for more info and visit here to make a donation or to become a member. Hope to see you there!