Makepeace & Mercy Lowe Sanctuaries

Makepeace & Mercy Lowe Sanctuaries
Mashpee, Massachusetts

Once used as a woodlot to fuel the furnaces at the West Barnstable Brick Company, the 86 acre Makepeace sanctuary located in Mashpee is primarily a continuous pitch pine and oak species forest. The land was donated to Orenda by the heirs of Mr. Makepeace, known as “The Cranberry King” for his thriving cranberry growing business.

The 50 acre adjacent Mercy Lowe land was purchased in 2001 at auction. Many generous donors and funders made this acquisition possible.

Observed/Protected Species
Six distinct forest types have been identified; all are variations of the pitch pine/oak forest. Other tree species include: red maple, American holly, cherry, American beech, pignut hickory, bigtooth aspen and sassafras. Other vegetation includes: hawthorne, hazelnut, northern arrowwood, witherod and other viburnums, lowbush blueberry, inkberry and other shrubs, as well as pink ladyslippers.

The habitat supports state rare species Eastern box turtle and Pine Barrens Buckmoth.

Acquisition Date
December 30, 1998

How Acquired
Makepeace Sanctuary donated by heirs of William Makepeace.

Mercy Lowe land purchased at auction.

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