The David H. Simser Island Sanctuary

Photo of Shallow Pond in the sanctuary
The David H. Simser Island Sanctuary, .68 Acre – 2012
The David H. Simser Island Sanctuary—Carver Island is in the middle of Shallow Pond in Centerville, Mass. It’s comprised of wooded upland: beech, maple, and oak trees, and small holly seedlings. Carver Island is within a state designated priority habitat for rare species, and core habitat and critical natural landscape areas. The Cape Cod Commission has also designated the Island as a significant natural resource area, and it’s near a critical public drinking water supply.

Directions: The sanctuary, also called Carver Island is a .68-acre island located in Shallow Pond in Centerville west of the junction of Phinney’s Lane and Route 132 Iyanough Road. It is accessible by boat or canoe.

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