Fowler-Eames Sanctuary

Washington, Massachusetts, 34 acres – 2000

Photo of sanctuary in the Berkshires, MassachusettsSituated in the heart of the Berkshires, this sanctuary is the last remaining parcel of what was once the donor’s grandfather’s dairy farm. It contains 34 acres of undeveloped natural woodlands and wetlands, with large, mature cherry, ash, beech, maple and pine trees. A pure spring and lively stream are also located on the property, providing fresh water for wildlife. There are a number of old family farmhouses and farmlands surrounding the property and a large, open meadow, once used for dairy cattle grazing.

Observed/Protected Species
Red Maple, white maple, beech, ash, black cherry, hemlock, white pine, red trillium, painted trillium, dwarf ginseng, hobblebush. Intense beaver activity observed.

Abutting Land/Surrounding Area
There are a number of old farmhouses and farmlands which surround the property, many of which are/were owned by the donor’s family. There is also a large, open meadow, once used for dairy cattle grazing.

Acquisition Date
June 8, 2000

How Acquired
Donated by Mark Fowler

Restrictions/Approved Uses
In addition to Orenda’s Sanctuary policies, attachments to the deed read, “Trees shall only be harvested as necessary and appropriate to maintain a diverse and ecologically healthy forest. Cold Spring shall be left undisturbed, with the exception of periodic cleaning of leaves and branches, as necessary. If the property becomes overburdened by beaver, beaver may be relocated by the Massachusetts Department of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Environmental Law Enforcement. One unpaved foot trail may be constructed on the property.”

Directions: Middlefield Rd., Washington, Mass 34 acres abuts the Middlefield State Forest and includes the headwaters of Coles Brook on the Berkshire-Hampshire County Line.

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