The Carl Monge Sanctuary

Carl Monge SanctuaryThe Carl Monge Sanctuary, 13.7 acres – 2010
The Carl Monge Sanctuary was acquired in June 2010 and lies within the Mashpee National Wildlife Refuge. It’s surrounded by two critical Orenda properties: the 86-acre Makepeace Sanctuary and the 50-acre Mercy Lowe Sanctuary. The Monge Sanctuary includes pine barrens, a globally rare habitat. The Weeden Family had owned the Monge land for over a century. Named in memory of Carl Monge, a former past President of Orenda, the Sanctuary was formally dedicated on October 8, 2010, in his memory.

Directions: 147 Lovells Lane, Mashpee Drive north on Great Neck Road North from the Mashpee Rotary. After the Traffic light and entrance of Lowell Rd on your left, drive north 5/10 of a mile and take a sharp left on Quashnet Rd. Proceed down Quashnet Rd. 4/10 of a mile and take a right on Lovells Lane. Carl Monge property is on your left.



The Carl Monge Sanctuary - Group Photo

The Carl Monge Sanctuary dedication. From left to right: Eugene Curry, Esquire, Paula Goldberg of the Compact, Patricia Weeden and her son, Barbara Birdsey of Orenda, Dick Boyden of Orenda, Kenneth Burnes of Orenda, Ellie Monge widow of Carl Monge, Liz Lewis of Orenda, Tom Fudala of Mashpee, Mark Robinson of the Cape Compact and Farley Lewis of Orenda