Protecting Threatened Species at Our West Barnstable Sanctuaries

During last Friday’s Wildlife Walk-and-Talk we set out to discover the natural wonders of our West Barnstable sanctuaries and Barnstable’s Great Salt Marsh, which serve as a haven for many wildlife species.

This program featured area birding expert Dr. Peter Crosson, who educated us about shorebird and songbird migration, as well as the bird species that inhabit our Smith’s Dock sanctuary.

We estimate that there are somewhere between 50-60 pairs of Saltmarsh Sparrows, which are considered endangered, due to decreasing populations and the projected loss of habitat associated with climate change, inhabiting the marsh.

In addition to Saltmarsh Sparrows, we we able to observe Willets, Tree and Barn Swallows, as well as Mallards.

We also toured our adjacent Margaret Wyman “Turtle Garden” sanctuary, where we discussed the organization’s preservation work throughout Cape Cod and our efforts to protect the threatened Diamondback Terrapins, which will be nesting and hatching on site throughout the summer months.

We are very grateful to Peter for sharing his time and talents with us, and look forward to our next Wildlife Walk-and-Talk later this summer!