Plympton Woods Amazeen Family Donation

Plympton, 19 acres – 2019
In January, a freshly-recorded deed added 19 acres of woods to Orenda’s portfolio. The land was donated by the Amazeen Family. This valuable acquisition includes acreage at the head of the Jones River Brook in Plympton, an important watershed.

Plympton Woods

Note: Orenda has two sanctuaries in the Town of Plympton, in Plymouth County. The acres abut one another. Our latest, a wee half-acre, was purchased at auction in Spring 2019. The larger 25-plus acres were donated by the Amazeen Family, and the acreage proudly bears the donors’ name. The smaller sibling sanctuary is yet-nameless. Both are located far into the woods near the intersection of Maple and Main Streets, not too far off Ring Road. Because of the remoteness (no trails or access roads,) and for your safety because of the rough terrain and wetlands, we are not offering directions at this time.