Partnership Spotlight: Simser Island Sanctuary Clean Up

Last month, we partnered with Eastern Mountain Sports and Barnstable Land Trust for a wilderness clean up at our David H. Simser Island Sanctuary, in Centerville. The island, which features an exquisite wooded canopy of beech, maple, and oak trees, is within a state designated priority habitat for rare species, and has also been categorized as a significant natural resource area by the Cape Cod Commission.

After venturing out to the island by kayak, we got to work removing old glass, metal waste and a fire pit that had been left behind by ungracious visitors. In the process of restoring the island to its natural state, we were able to observe the unique features and quiet serenity the sanctuary offers, and we even had the good fortune of discovering what is likely to be a swan’s nest.

When visiting our sanctuaries (and all wild places), it is important to be mindful about your impact on the environment and the implications your actions have for the species that rely on that habitat for their survival. Simply put, “leave only footprints.”

When like-minded individuals, organizations and businesses come together to get behind critical causes like protecting our resources and combating climate change and the loss of biodiversity, it results in a ripple effect that translates to tremendous impact and sweeping positive change.

We are grateful to the volunteers and staff from EMS and Barnstable Land Trust, who came out to support this initiative and our mission to protect Cape Cod’s land, wildlife and natural resources.

We offer year-round opportunities for Cape Cod community members to connect more closely with their natural environment and to support our mission. We hope you will join us!

If you are interested in supporting our mission through volunteer opportunities, please contact us here.