On the Brink of a Mink!

While we didn’t encounter any groundhogs this week, one of our staff members found himself engaging in a friendly game of hide-and-seek with a MINK! Check out the video footage, below…

Typically found in forested areas near a water source, minks have been known to utilize old dens of other mammals, such as muskrats. Minks are very active, and when threatened, can be aggressive – so if you happen to find yourself on the “brink of a mink,” be sure to exercise caution and respect for the semi-aquatic carnivore, also known as the “water weasel.”

With animal populations across the globe plummeting, Orenda’s mission to protect wildlife habitat, which is disappearing at an alarming rate, is critical. Land trusts have already conserved 61 million acres of private land across the nation – more than all of the national parks combined. Yet, there is still much to be done with respect to saving biodiversity.

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