Mary De La Vallette Sanctuary

Mary De La Vallette SanctuaryMary De La Vallette Sanctuary, Phillipston, Massachusetts, 46 Acres – 1994
Because he was interested in maintaining the integrity of the wildlife habitat and was concerned about the recent development in the Phillipston area, the donor decided to donate this property to Orenda in 1994.

This sanctuary includes woodlands, small swamps and streams, and deer, rabbit, porcupine, fox and owls are among the species that live there. Hemlock, white pine, beech, maples, mountain laurel, columbine, juniper, highbush blueberry, wintergreen, clubmoss, and bracken fern are part of the native plant scenery.
The donor, David Quigg, was interested in maintaining wildlife habitat amidst emerging development in the Phillipston area. A small cabin built by Mr. Quigg was once used as a seasonal retreat. The Colony Road area is composed of single family homes, mostly occupied year-round. In 1994, most of the lots adjacent to this property were large and undeveloped and hoses were located along the road, not set back far in the woods near the sanctuary. In 1994 a large, mostly unused tract of land held by the State’s Fernald School (for learning disabled) abutted this property.

Directions: Colony Rd. Philipston, Mass: 46 acres starting at Old Colony Rd and Old County Rd. Terrain is varied with hills, bogs, large pines and deciduous trees. Property is located 3 miles from Rt.2 and 60 miles west of Boston.