Kicking Off The Year With First Day Hikes, 2023!

We were so fortunate to kick off 2023 with an incredible group of outdoor enthusiasts for our First Day Hikes Cape Cod event!

Gathering at our Turtle Garden sanctuary in West Barnstable, we discussed the conservation efforts we have underway to protect the threatened Diamondback Terrapin population, and were able to trace the journey the turtles take as hatchlings from their nests, out through the marshland to the brackish water.

This event marked the second annual collaborative effort inspired by the national First Day Hikes initiative, which encourages people to get outdoors with free guided walks and activities to explore parks, trails, and natural resources on January 1st.
First Day Hikes Cape Cod is the only regional model of its kind representing several conservation and environmental organizations offering a variety of free events throughout the day
Orenda Wildlife Land Trust is proud to have participated in this unique regional collaboration promoting the wellness of our environment and each other on New Year’s Day!

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