Helping Wildlife in Winter: We Can All Do Our Part

When the weather turns cold and the harsh winds can be heard howling, you can be sure that we’re thinking about the local wildlife here, at Orenda. Fortunately, our conservation efforts and sanctuaries are able to help provide safe habitats for many species during the winter months, but we can all play a part in helping to support local wildlife, by creating a space for nature, while simultaneously making a positive difference in our own lives.

One simple thing that everyone can do for wildlife during the winter is to ensure that there’s enough food and water available to give garden visitors a little helping hand over the colder months.

Bird feeders are a critical source of food when severe weather impacts wild food supplies, and you can offer a year-round source of water by incorporating bird baths and backyard ponds into the landscape. In doing so, you will likely observe a marked increase in wildlife visiting your yard, especially in frigid temperatures when natural ponds and puddles are frozen over.

This article by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service offers tips for making your yard and garden friendly to overwintering pollinators.

The Farmers’ Almanac recommends ways to provide shelter for wildlife in this article.

What steps are you taking to protect your local wildlife this winter? Email us at to share your experiences and tips!