Strategic Plan

In 2002, Orenda Wildlife Land Trust’s Board of Trustees hired a consultant to help the organization develop its first ever Strategic Plan. The plan helps chart a course for Orenda’s future over the next three to five years. Below is the plan summary and the goals and strategies Orenda will pursue to fulfill its mission to protect wildlife and wildlife habitat. Orenda’s Strategic Plan was made possible by grants from the Land Trust Alliance and the New England Grassroots Environment Fund.

Young piping plover on Cape Cod

Photo by Heather Fone

ORENDA WILDLIFE LAND TRUST Strategic Plan 2003 to 2007

Orenda Wildlife Land Trust protects wildlife and wildlife habitat. Orenda acquires land to be held in perpetuity as protected wildlife sanctuaries, and assists others in protecting open space for wildlife.

Goals and Strategies

  • A. Land Protection
    1. Acquire properties with significant wildlife and wildlife habitat values, especially those that are threatened.
    2. Develop and pursue ways to help others-including individuals, private organizations and public entities-protect open space for wildlife.
  • B. Land Stewardship
    1. For each Orenda sanctuary, develop and implement an effective conservation and management program that protects and enhances its wildlife habitat values.
    2. Ensure that Orenda’s conservation restrictions are effectively monitored and enforced.
    3. SANCTUARY POLICIES – These sanctuary policies provide general stewardship guidelines for all Orenda wildlife sanctuaries. In addition, sanctuaries may have individual, customized management plans that address their specific needs and uses…
  • C. Resource Development and Membership
    1. Increase the financial and membership resources needed to meet Orenda’s expanding role in wildlife habitat protection.
    2. Provide board and staff resources sufficient to ensure the effectiveness of the organization’s efforts.
    3. Strengthen support for Orenda’s work by actively engaging members.
    4. Communicate Orenda’s mission and programs through effective outreach and publicity efforts.

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