The Tom and Georgia French Family Sanctuary

Acquired in September 2008- located in the town of Middlefield, Massachusetts this almost 20 acre property was a favorite spot for the Tom and Georgia French family to be together with their extended family and friends.   Given in the year of 1965 to Tom and Georgia  by their close friends Jackie and Roger Merrell.  This sanctuary provided endless hours of blueberry picking, hiking, camping and nature walks.  Dick and Sue Merrell now report that the  sanctuary provides habitat for the following wildlife: chickadees, nuthatches, crows, jays, hawks, owls, doves, etc.  Seasonal visitors include families of hummingbirds, all variety of finches, red polls, grosbeaks, red winged blackbirds, scarlet tanagers, robins, indigo buntings and an occasional cardinal. Turkeys are a bird group unto themselves and recent winters there have been seen two separate flocks (surprisingly distinct from each other).  quail, pheasants and their broods. The ruffled grouse make themselves
known with their distinctive thrumming that sounds like a one cylinder engine starting up. They have also have led us safely away from their broods with the whole broken wing act.

 Many deer, bear and foxes are also seen on this now protected property. Bobcat have been seen in the past  running across a glazed snowfield.

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