Scudder Bay Sanctuary

Scudder Bay Sanctuary

Bay Lane
Centerville, Massachusetts

Scudder Bay SanctuaryThis more than 2 acre sanctuary resides in an Aquifer Protection Overlay District, a designation designed to protect ground water on Scudder Bay in Osterville. The upland portion of property has a mixture of oaks and maples with dense, shrubby groundcover and is surrounded by a salt marsh. The property was formerly owned by family of Barbara Birdsey, the founder of Orenda Wildlife Land Trust, who donated it in 1992.

Observed/Protected Species
Oaks, maples. Osprey nest at this sanctuary.

Abutting Land/Surrounding Area
The surrounding area is primarily residential. The property borders–and projects into– Scudder Bay.

Acquisition Date
October 27, 1992

How Acquired
Donated by Barbara Birdsey

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