Orenda Song of Praise

Orenda Song of Praise

Every seed that sends down roots
and puts out leaves to greet the sun
honors its Orenda.

Every fish that swims upstream
or keeps to shallows near the shore
honors its Orenda.

Every bird that spreads its wings
and rides the currents of the air
honors its Orenda.

Every beast the forest knows
that bears its young in lair or den
honors its Orenda.

The people of the Iroquois
walking proud upon the earth
honor their Orenda.

Now we praise the Maker of Life
who from His own Orenda
made blade of grass and mighty oak,
creatures wearing gills and fins,
feathered beings that can fly,
fox and deer and wolf and mouse,
and all the Longhouse People,
to each He gave a spirit self: Orenda.


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