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We would like to thank all of our past and present grantors. Without your generous support we would not be able to continue working to protect wildlife and preserve open space.

Grantors Include:

The Boston Foundation’s Fund for the Environment – This award has enabled Orenda to continue our work in the Mashpee National Wildlife Refuge, specifically working against defragmentation of bird habitat.

The Kelly Foundation – With the help of the Kelly foundation Orenda was able to hire a stewardship coordinator which allowed us to better monitor all of our sanctuaries, to create an extensive management plan for our properties in the Mashpee National Wildlife Refuge and to become more involved with the long-term plans for management within the Refuge.

The Wharton Trust – This grant enabled Orenda to install gates within the boundaries of our Makepeace and Mercy Lowe sanctuaries to prevent dumping and restrict vehicle access.

The Sweetwater Trust – With this grant Orenda was able to have a comprehensive natural resource survey completed for our properties in the Mashpee National Wildlife Refuge. It also allows us to purchase signs and create trail maps for this property and to complete a much needed trash clean up.

The Norcross Wildlife Foundation – With funding from Norcross, we were able to update our computer equipment here in the Orenda office allowing us to more efficiently work towards land preservation and wildlife protection.

Bank of America – Through this grant Orenda will began a new program which focuses on outreach and wildlife education in our local schools. We reached out to members by encouraging them to declare their own homes “Private Wildlife Sanctuaries” and to begin habitat enhancement and preservation at home.

The Cape Cod 5 Foundation – With their generous support, Orenda was recently able to obtain 13.7 acres in the Mashpee National Wildlife Refuge.

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